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Size: 12' x 16'

Base Price: $8495

Model: Outdoor Oasis w/ Screen

Stain: Canyon Brown

Roof:  Brown / Metal

Features: 5' Treated Porch Swing, 9' 6" Overall Height, 4' x 4' Posts, 5/4" x 6" Decking, 4" x 6" Pressure Treated Runners, 29 Gauge Metal Roof, 3' Single opening / Walk through, Free Delivery with Blocks​

* Super Screen uses a revolutionary extrusion process that creates a tear-resistant screen tough enough to withstand dogs and cats as well as other pests pushing against the screen.

12' x 16' "Screened Outdoor Oasis"

SKU: ARSP-1216-110223-003839
  • Free Delivery . . . EVERYONE'S APPROVED!

    As low as $393* per month, EVERYONE'S APPROVED!

    Call 270-849-6244 to reserve, before this building is gone. Backyard World of Campbellsville (45 N Bypass/Big Lots) Location.

    *Rent to Own payment based on 36 months, other terms available.  Rent to Own does not require a credit check.  You may return the structure at any time without penalty.  Only a small deposit is needed to get started.

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