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Size: 8' x 12'

Base Price: $3895

Brand: Arista Springs

Style: Metal / A-Frame

Model: Veggie Villa

Metal Base & Trim: Charcoal

- Single Fiberglass Entry Door

- 8 mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate

- Choice of Metal Colors / Base & Trim

- Worry Free Thermostat Controlled Exhaust Fan / Electric

- Heat Activated Intake Vent

- 2' Plastic Gardening Bench

- (2) Ground Anchors Included (Gravel Base Recommended)


8' x 12' "Veggie Villa" Greenhouse

SKU: VILLA-0812-053124-004686
  • Free Delivery . . . EVERYONE'S APPROVED!

    Rent to Own for $162 per month*, EVERYONE'S APPROVED*

    Call (859) 734-0932 to reserve, before this building is gone. Lancaster (92 Pine Crest Dr) Location .

    *Rent to Own payment based on 48 months, other terms available.  Rent to Own does not require a credit check.  You may return the structure at any time without penalty.  Only a small deposit is needed to get started.

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